On the occasion of 88.Pitti Immagine Bimbo unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, a project about art and design for children curated by unduetrestella, based in Milano will be inside the basement of the Padiglione Centrale.

After many years cooperathing with the fair unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK is honored to be located at Fancy Room, a special area dedicated to lifestyle, full of proposals for furnishing accessories, technological objects and old style, homewear, gadgets, toys and much more in a selection rich of imagination and surprises.

With its format unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, unduetrestella points the attention to the most 

important Italian event dedicated to design since years, Design Week and prestigious Salone del Mobile, by dedicating a special week to art and creative projects for kids. 

Winter edition of Pitti Immagine Bimbo is the perfect time to show a little, but precious, previews selected for the main show during the next 2019 Desgin Week in Milano. unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK offers a special stage at Pitti Immagine Bimbo to new and interesting brands carefully scouted all around the world.

Art, design, and creativity are the key-players of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK. Thanks to experience of years, unduetrestella shows different solutions, different “spaces for kids” cooperating with brands, companies, designers, artists and creative people involved in kids universe. 

Like every year in Firenze, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK wants to give space to projects and companies that interpret design and lifestyle for children as an aesthetic and functional solution to grow, not just by playing.

With unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK there are:

Boo-lab (Italy)
Erzi (Germany)
Linea MammaBaby (Italy)
Mini Home (Finland)
Mokulock (Japan)
Nogaravin (Poland)
Paola Sala (Italy)
Phaidon Press (USA/United Kingdom)
Pieces of Venice (Italy)
PLAYin CHOC (United Kingdom)
Tricot by Tricot (France)