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On the occasion of 88.Pitti Immagine Bimbo unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, a project about art and design for children curated by unduetrestella, based in Milano will be inside the basement of the Padiglione Centrale.

After many years cooperathing with the fair unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK is honored to be located at Fancy Room, a special area dedicated to lifestyle, full of proposals for furnishing accessories, technological objects and old style, homewear, gadgets, toys and much more in a selection rich of imagination and surprises.

With its format unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, unduetrestella points the attention to the most 

important Italian event dedicated to design since years, Design Week and prestigious Salone del Mobile, by dedicating a special week to art and creative projects for kids. 

Winter edition of Pitti Immagine Bimbo is the perfect time to show a little, but precious, previews selected for the main show during the next 2019 Desgin Week in Milano. unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK offers a special stage at Pitti Immagine Bimbo to new and interesting brands carefully scouted all around the world.

Art, design, and creativity are the key-players of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK. Thanks to experience of years, unduetrestella shows different solutions, different “spaces for kids” cooperating with brands, companies, designers, artists and creative people involved in kids universe. 

Like every year in Firenze, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK wants to give space to projects and companies that interpret design and lifestyle for children as an aesthetic and functional solution to grow, not just by playing.

With unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK there are: 

Boo-lab (I) is a fahion brand for kids with a nostalgic and emotional taste, but absolutely contemporary, 100% Made in Italy. It comes from the idea of Chiara and Stefania who together create clothings for children (and more) who love to waer fleece. A collection inspired by the imaginative drawings and the curious costumes of the little ones, which borrows the names of their games as “unduetrestella”, “mosca cieca” and “strega comanda color”, and it is completed with furnishing objects, always in sweather material, and eco-friendly cardboard games.

Erzi (D) (distributed in Italy by FunLab Milano) is a world of high quality, sustainable and Made in Germany wooden toys that help children to learn while having fun. Since 1991 this family business has produced products studied in every single details to stimulate the imagination of the little ones. There is something for every taste: from baskets with food, such as fruit, vegetables, bread, cold meats, to drinks such as apple or orange juice, yogurt and milk carton, to finish with boxes of candy, tea and sugar, like in a real supermarket!

Linea MammaBaby (I) is a company specialized in wellness and hygiene for children and adults, always sponsors for unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK. It is a project of love, born from the strong conviction to offer the highest quality products to children and families, in harmony with the environment. To the excellent quality of the products, it joins the aesthetic research of a packaging with simple, clean and attractive graphics, designed for an immediate recognition of the product by the youngest children, who can not yet read. All products have a symbol that distinguishes them, which has a name like a true character friend of a fairy tale.

Mini Home (FL) (and Big Mini Home) is a design toy, a dollhouse for children, a construction set and a 3D puzzle, all in one! Designed by the legendary Finlanese designer Eero Aarnio, it is available in different colors to create a monochromatic world of miniature furniture, or to combine them in a more colorful interior. Mini Home consists of chairs, tables, shelves, sofas and even the iconic Puppy dog; all these elements can be assembled into each other to create a compact cube or have fun creating a 3D puzzle using the plastic box of the package.

Mokulock (JP) is a Japanese company that reinvents the iconic Lego bricks by using different types of wood: the Japanese Maple tree with its vivid pink color, the Japanese Zelkova with its golden color, Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia and its dark green and calm white colors, Birch and Cherry with their brilliance.

Nogaravin (PL) is a unique brand for the minimal, simple and innovative design of its creations. An artisanal production of collections in continuous evolution in the play of colors and fabrics that stimulate the imagination and creativity of children.

Paola Sala (I) is a Milano based artist who mixes different techniques and mediums, ranging from illustration, wall painting to textile, embroidery, and knitting. Her work is timeless, refined, poetic, but especially precious to pass on. During this occasion she presents a new series of embroidered pillowcases from the early ‘900, inspired by the classic fairy tales for children, together with knitted shawls.

Phaidon Press (USA/UK) presents Design for Children, a must-have book for all style-conscious and design-savvy readers, documents the evolution of design for babies, toddlers, and beyond. The book spotlights more than 450 beautiful, creative, stylish, and clever examples of designs created exclusively for kids - from toys, furniture, and tableware, to textiles, lights, and vehicles.

Pieces of Venice (I) is a project that salvages recyclable materials from Venice and its lagoon and transforme them into design objects for children and the ‘young at heart’. It rebuilds an entire series of historic products and ancient games aimed at transmitting, in an almost hereditary form, the customs and traditions of the elder who carries the young beneficiary.It is a Benefit Company that entrusts the processing to social cooperatives whose goals involve the reform and rehabilitation of the less fortunate.

PLAYin CHOC (UK) is a British chocolate brand for children. Born from the idea of Maya that combines the recipe of an organic chocolate, vegan, milk sugar-free to animals recycled cardboard to be assembled to help children learn about the planet by playing. Small boxes with healthy chocolate to eat and a series of endangered animals to recognize and collect.

Tricot by Tricot (FR) are handmade mobiles and illustrations crafted in small series by Nadège Tricot from Paris. Each piece consists of different layers of colored paper, animals and figures cut out and glued in fun collages. A meticulous work that combines digital technology and craftsmanship.