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INCANTESIMO (Enchantment). It is a large black and white photograph. “The choice is to create a wallpaper, to work on the bidimensional aspect without trying to objectify the work, comes from the destre to unify and integrate without any distance the fantastic dimension of the image with that more real and daily one of the room which the child inhabits. In Enchantment those typical childhood fears are transformed by the artist in a fantastic and imaginary world: the fear of the night, of darkness, the curiosity of shadows transform positively through highly evocative figures which are able to create a wonderful fascination.” the artist said. 

Enchantment is a site-specific intervention which originates from the objects (and their shadows) the child has in the bedroom. Each child will have his or her own enchantment.

ENCHANTMENT, 2010 | wallpaper site-specific | variable dimensions | width 45cm | produced and distributed by unduetrestella