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PRIVATE MEMORY. It’s a private interpretation of the game ORIGINAL MEMORY. Sixteen images, selected from the photo album of the little child and from the family archives, are re-pictured and revisited. A work to hang on the wall, to look at, or to play with. A way to recognise one’s own images, own story, constituting a personal private memory to carry with you for the rest of your life.

PORZELLAN. A project born to create a precious object to be used in different moment and ages of our life. A little porcelain set to keep little pastinas letters, left from our suppers. Soft photographic images in black and withe on white porcelain. A porcelain eating set to use everyday and to grow with. 

P COME PASTINA (P AS PASTINA). P as pastina contains a package of magical letters with all the vowels and consonants to make up the story of Gianni Rodari, Poor Ane. Enjoy your reading and your meal!

CLEMATIS featured by Martina Della Valle. This is the interpretation that Martina Della Valle gave to Clematis for Kids by AL2968, with some of her works which were inspired by old school exercise books. "The table is a blotting pad that absorbs the child’s thoughts and words, including their mistakes and inaccuracies. The text used to personalise Clematis for Kids was taken by photographing some original exercise books and then imprinting it on the desktop" the artist explained.