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The interest of unduetrestella is observing and listening to children when they are in front of an art work. We believe that a lot of contemporary art works and installations, nowadays, are perfect to be read and interpretate much more by kids than by adults: kids are curious, they don't stop asking and finding answers. In the art workshops curated by unduetrestella children become little art critics that look at, observe, think, and talk on art works.  

PAINTINGS TO EAT, 2014. In collaboration with Museo di Villa Croce, Genoa during the event Night of the Museums. Children are invited to observe some works of contemporary art and replicate them with colored sugar paste, on snack cookies.

PARLIAMOCI SOPRA, 2013. In collaboration with Fondazione Nicola Trussardi on the occasion of the exhibition FAULT LINES  by Allora & Calzadilla. A workshop of listening and sound production. As artists suggest to us that there is a fundamental link between human, music and relationships. Children come into direct contact with the works on display, they got completely wrapped from the sound produced by them and carried away by emotions caused by it, in order to create a work in the work. Immagini courtesy of Marco De Scalzi.

DISEGNAMO CON LE MANI?, 2013. In collaboration with Tarin Gartner at The Standard, Via Conca del Naviglio, Milano. Tarin Gartner, Israeli artist, invites the children to deal with the work of Pierre Bismuth, the great French artist acclaimed by critics and the art system. Tarin Gartner has identified a precise series of works to be interpreted by the children belonging to the serie "Following the right (or left) hand". Pierre Bismuth has worked on clips from Hollywood films that portray the great artists in the history of cinema in black and white, acting on it, following their hands on some particular scenes: Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall, Cyd Charisse, Louise Brooks, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Anna Magnani and Sophia Loren. The result is apparently a doodle on the beauty of the face of the actresses, track of all actions during the recitation. For the occasion, Tarin Gartner has invited the kids to apply the same game using characters from their favorite movies and cartoons. Image Following The Right Hand of Doris Day In "Young Man With a Horn", 2008, Courtesy of Jan Mot, Brussels.

LA MIA GEOGRAFIA, 2013. In collaboration with ElectaKids on the occasion of XXVI SALONE DEL LIBRO TORINO. Pasta, museums or football? What do the kids see in the map of Italy? How to represent the country of their dreams? A curious journey through the world of illustrations and geography that takes inspiration from the magical illustrations by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski, authors of MAPS (Andersen Prize for best book of popularization 2013).

LASCIAMO IL SEGNO, 2012. In collaboration with Fondazione Nicola Trussardi on the occasion of the exhibition RUBBLE&REVELATION by Cyprien Gaillard. Lasciamo il segno is an opportunity to bring together the youngest audiences with Cyprien Gaillard, one of the most interesting artists of the new generation: the children are accompanied in the show for a special visit, aimed to discover together not only the works of art on display, but also places and stories told by the works themselves. During the visit, the children will come in contact with rubbings, drawings, collages, photographs, old and new, polaroid, meteorites and videos that tell them of changing world, where the small everyday things and the most spectacular events live in close contact.

FIORI E API NEI CAPELLI, 2012. In collaboration with ElectaKids and Yellow Office on the occasion of ORTICOLA 2012. Pocket gardens, to grow and wear. Children take inspiration from the fanciful hats of Mimmi & Momo and their friends, the protagonists of the illustrated story of Domitilla Bertusi, published by ElectaKids.

LUCE PER I TUOI OCCHI, 2011. In collaboration with Fondazione Nicola Trussardi on the occasion of the exhibition PARASIMPATICO by Pipilotti Rist. The children are led to discover the magical world of Pipilotti Rist through special routes and activities designed for them. Each child has a flashlight, to allow him/her to move easily in the spaces of cinema. As special treasures hunted, children will sharpen the view and discover the most hidden objects within the work of the Swiss artist. Items that are presented out of context and that are staged in an ironic and unusual way. The torches become the symbolic element to communicate with the world of Pipilotti Rist, gaming device and set of knowledge. Immagini courtesy of Marco De Scalzi.

MA TU COSA VEDI?, 2011. In collaboration with Museo del 900 on the occasion of the Milan Design Weekend. A workshop in which small art critics children explore and wonder about some of the Poor Art masterpieces, such as The Sixth Sense by Alighiero Boetti.

Younger than Mowgli - JEFF KOONS - unduetrestella store

Younger than Mowgli - PIERRE BISMUTH - unduetrestella store

Younger than Mowgli - PAOLA PIVI - One to Three, Nursery preschool, Milano

Younger than Mowgli - GELITIN - Spazio Lucie Fontaine, Milano

Younger than Mowgli - ALGHIERO BOETTI - Spazio Lucie Fontaine, Milano

YOUNGER THAN MOWGLY, DAL 2009. Conceived and designed by the artist Alice Tomaselli and unduetrestella, Younger than Mowgly is a workshop where artists and kids together are the protagonists of contemporary art. The title refers to the exhibition Younger Jesus, curated by Massimiliano Gioni for the New Museum in New York in 2009. It was dedicated to all those artists who become stars very young, with less than 33 years, the age of Jesus. unduetrestella just thought of Mowgli, unforgettable character in The Jungle Book. The child is invited not only to observe and study the work of a great contemporary artist, but to copy the artwork itself because technically it is possible. Faced with certain works of art, become masterpieces of millions of dollars, there is still a strange feeling of ease of practical implementation. Artists involved in YTM workshop: Alice Tommaselli, Tarin Gartner, Anna Mostosi, Derek Di Fabio.