Woom loves bikes. And Woom understands children. They build superlight & affordable bikes for children from ages one and a half to fourteen years. They pay great attention to every detail on their bikes, which have been specially designed to fit children's bodies. Woom bikes offer a safer, more fun way to explore the world on two wheels. Perfect!


Naan design and manufacture handcrafted pieces, with noble materials, that will make your house a warm and cozy place. They create fresh and alternative furniture, they are passionate about untreated natural wood, purity and authenticity in design and they want to bring a slice of the Mediterranean forest to your home. We love it!


We discover Once a tree, a micro company that wants to bring us back to the taste of the wooden games and toys, a natural material, noble and warm and that often tells a story.
The wood of their toys comes only from France and Europe; it is eco responsible and from sustainable harvests. It allows the forest to develop, through the sustainable management of its resources, preserving the environment, without undermining the forest capital. Good job!


Look at Veromobili born from the idea of offering design, quality and functionality products over the internet with the "do it yourself" concept. The customers can easily assemble their furniture.
All Vero furniture is uniquely designed, created by Studio Vero and their team of partner designers. We love the kids’ pieces!


Look at this cute wooden dollhouse by Miju, are you ready to play with their little bunny? Everything is made by hand with respect to children and nature!


We love Woodchuck who creates wooden furniture, but also know how to remodel your house and interior, styling and conceptdevelopment. The keywords for their designs are simplicity, atmospheric and functionality with a natural look. 100% natural simplicity!


Lubulona is a kids lifestyle brand from Barcelona. They design and manufacture stylish kids’ products, using eco-friendly and high quality materials. Their products are characterised by their minimalist, yet playful style and are both functional as well as decorative. Modern wooden toys and colourful prints on wood, all designed in Barcelona and are manufactured entirely in Europe with the intention of keeping the environmental impact to a minimum and focusing on fair and local production. Perfect!


A step into childrenswear with Boeh, a Biarritz based brand, inspired by kids with their feet on the ground and their heads in the clouds, discovering earth & ocean with boundless enthusiasm. They support ‘slow fashion’ and so consider the connection with the environment. Ensuring the longevity of their clothing by sourcing high quality, natural and whenever possible organic fabrics. Boeh focuses on fair production and small quantities. By creating timeless pieces that work for both boys and girls, they hope their garments will be passed along through the family. We love their minimalist style with attention to detail & colours.


We found out these Galaxy Globe by Kaja Skytte, a collection of beautiful mobiles, in different sizes, made from brass, resembling small solar systems.  Which color do you prefer?


MADO is the result of a close collaboration between two Copenhagen-based design companies: All the Way to Paris and Paper Collective. Together at MADO they curate a collection of educational, kind, loving and well-made products based on iconic graphics and poetic illustrations. The name MADO is Japanese for window, and they want their products to act as a window to the world for your kids. A window that provides insight, outlook and through which many an adventure awaits.

Go and see MADO!


We totally agree with FUB philosophy: they believe that most people – kids or adults, boys or girls - like to wear clothes that feel good and allow them to move freely.
Founded in 2006 by Anne Sofie Olrik and Lotte Bundgaard, FUB makes classic, comfortable and sustainable knitwear for kids and women. Every item is carefully created and produced with a demanding regard for details and craftsmanship. The collections are purely made of OEKO-TEX® certified merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton. FUB is contemporary classics with a clean conscience!


We totally love the Divano per la Famiglia by Studio Oink, look at it!
It is a multifunctional sofa for children and adults.
It has two feet of different heights, which make it a sofa or a play platform: so the little ones even come to the furniture themselves and can not fall down, but also parents and siblings have enough space to read, or drink coffee. The back parts are all removable and can be placed anywhere around the sofa in the appropriate recesses. This allows the sofa to open and close again and again and offers the right room for every situation.
This furniture becomes a stage, a shop, home and resting place for all ages, it can reinvent the living room and give the space for family and get-togethers!


We love the children pieces of furniture by the brand We Do Wood, founded in Copenhagen in 2011, and based on the vision that new Danish design and strict sustainability principles should go hand in hand.
They have made it their ambition to always seek the better alternative. They can use formaldehyde-free glue, that’s what they choose to do. When they can choose water-based paint or even avoid paint altogether by implementing other techniques such as carbonisation and oxidation, then they make the extra effort to do that. And when bamboo outperforms any woody material on every sustainability parameter they can think of, there really is no better choice in their minds.


Have a look at the German based brand New Kids in the Hood (NKitH) founded in 2018 by Sarah Seidel and Florian Pohrer with the mission to produce sustainable future kidswear.
This brand focuses on upcycling of post consumer waste and industrial leftovers—fabrics.
Their name is a homage to the founders teenage years and to the fearless and colorful style of the 80s and 90s. But there is also a second meaning which is deeply rooted in the story of the brand: it was summer 2016 when Sarah started organizing a playgroup for mums and their kids in the emergency shelters as part of her social work studies. There she met Hamdi—a refugee and production manager from Syria—with whom she started sewing kids clothes. Hamdi is now employed at NKitH and is a vital part of the company.
We totally love it!


We find out Leo Leo: a family brand who develop designs based on play and creativity. We totally agree with their thought that there are no wrong ideas when you play, but only great ambitions to make luxurious and timeless designs for children and babies.  Good job!


Look at these pieces designed by Vincenzo Castellana for Desine, a collection of furnishings and objects designed starting from the connection between us and the things that surround us.
We love Tabuli, an hexagonal coffee table that behaves like the cell of a beehive, because togetherness makes strength and this is known by bees as much as designers and architects! This low table is a single support, but it also creates a possible wider configuration, if different parts are associated.
And we love Mammina too, a child safety gate concieved as a threshold that represents not only a limit, but also a furnishing opportunity. No longer a fixed small gate or a piece of furniture placed crosswise, but a real piece of furniture, in fact, it contains an internal metal shelf that can accommodate plants, but also books and objects of different types.
Good job guys!

Con OLAFUR ELIASSON capiamo l'importanza di salvare il nostro pianeta

Magari molti di voi hanno già avuto occasione di vedere la mostra alla Tate Modern di Londra dedicata a Olafur Eliasson. Noi non abbiamo ancora fatto in tempo a parlarne. Da piccolo Olafur Eliasson ha trascorso molto tempo in Islanda e fenomeni naturali come acqua, luce e nebbia sono stati argomenti di indagine durante la sua carriera. Sulla terrazza i visitatori incontrano per la prima volta Waterfall (2019), una nuova drammatica installazione di oltre 11 metri di altezza. All'interno della mostra gli spettatori troveranno Moss wall (1994), un vasto aereo largo 20 metri interamente coperto di muschio di renna scandinavo; Beauty (1993), inaspettatamente arcobaleno all'interno della mostra; e Din blinde passanger (Your blind passenger) (2010), che offre un viaggio viscerale attraverso un corridoio di quasi 40 metri pieno di fitta nebbia. Ulteriori lavori nella mostra affrontano l'impatto che gli esseri umani hanno sull'ambiente, tra cui una serie di fotografie dei ghiacciai islandesi scattate dall'artista nel 1999. Questo sarà sostituito in autunno da una nuova opera d'arte che incorpora la vecchia serie insieme a foto scattate 20 anni fa, illustrando i cambiamenti in questo paesaggio che stanno accadendo ora. Eliasson crea opere che spingono continuamente gli spettatori a pensare alla natura della percezione. Mentre i visitatori passano di fronte alle luci brillanti di La tua ombra incerta (colore) (2010), proiettano ombre colorate inaspettate sul muro davanti a loro, mentre le luci gialle a monofrequenza utilizzate in Room for one color (1997) riducono la percezione degli spettatori a tonalità di giallo e nero. Little Sun, lanciato per la prima volta alla Tate Modern nel 2012, fornisce lampade e caricabatterie a energia solare alle comunità senza accesso all'elettricità; e Ice Watch, un'installazione di ghiaccio glaciale della Groenlandia, recentemente messa in scena fuori dalla Tate Modern e dal quartier generale europeo di Bloomberg, che ha lo scopo di aumentare la consapevolezza dell'emergenza climatica.

Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life, Tate Modern, Londra. Fino al 5 gennaio 2020


Look at this project titled Brawn & Bread: an outdoor gym that makes bread, using human power to process the grain, knead dough, and fuel a wood-fired oven. It was designed by the London based designers Studio MICAT and was built in August 2018 by campers, aged 11-17, at Beam Camp, New Hampshire. The structure is designed to make a performance of the processes that go into producing a loaf of bread. It is a permanent installation at Beam Camp where it will provide daily bread for up to 150 campers and staff members. The bread gym is a small but salutary reminder of the effort required to produce this daily essential. How impressive!
Here a short film of it!


We want to introduce you to the Five Fields Play Structure by the designers at Matter Design and FR|SCH Projects: a communal play structure for the historic neighborhood ‘Five Fields’ in Lexington (Massachusetts) designed and developed in the early 1950s by the Architects Collaborative (TAC) who sought to foster community through creating shared, common land.
The project is a landscape for childish exploration. It shuns function and standard, in favor of liberation. The structure cultivates a child’s—and adults—imagination through play. It encourages inventiveness through its unfolding, discoverable spaces. The playscape is tailored to child size, but still accessible to adults. It prioritizes the child user, in order to both liberate and educate. It invites the older user to reminisce, and rediscover. The structure is a space for collective imagining and celebrating of all ages.

We think it’s a wonderful way of thinking, good job!


Here you are a little preview of a new project we're working on.

Let’s start it talking about two designers:
Barbara Achermann of DSGN Kids from Switzerland
and Paulo Ferraz of LOWII from Brazil.

Come on, discover their personal worlds with us.

See you in September to learn more about it...
#staytuned #myfavouritethingsbyunduetrestella is coming!