We discover Chacha: the kids brand - made In France - that has been taking you back to your childhood with its eco-friendly and sustainable surprise bags, toys, sweets and birthday invitations. So magic!


Let's discover Boardies: beautiful and fun collectible playmats for children. Look at these 7 games to collect!


We love Minina brand, especially these samples from the new S/S 2019 collection of its clothing line for girls (3-12 years) inspired by flowers and movement. Great attention to details and materials are used. This new collection offers a range of fresh and summery colors, with a new style. Love it!


Have fun with the handmade ecological furniture for children’s rooms by  Up!Warsaw, a small, family-run design studio and workshop. It takes the magical world of its own childhood into the rooms of today’s children. Its motto: playing, design and function connected turns into fantasy and adventure for the kids. Great!


We find out SuperPetita French brand which offers a range of fun, practical accessories for everyday use by boys and girls, designed to spark their imaginations every time they are used. A collection that excites children’s mealtimes with tactile, creative and useful tableware for the smallest to the biggest kids of all ages : dinnerware, lunch box and snack bag, pouch, and table mat sets with washable pens. 


Directly from Australia here you are Sunnylife, the world’s leading Summer lifestyle brand, designed to service and enhance the best parts of life under the sun. Conceived on the beaches of Sydney, the brand was established with a simple goal: to share Australia’s authentic summer style with the rest of the world, look at this items!


We really love Puella by Barbara Barbantini; she is the founder and the designer who leads an artistic research that interacts with her experience in the world of fashion to create personal interpretations of a dreamy adolescent and dark sides femininity that characterize it. The materials of choice are vintage jewellery, vintage fabrics, embroidered, objet trouvé, medallions with old photographs.  So magical!


Directly from Slovenia here it is Ooh Noo who designs and creates products with a special approach to living: simple, elegant, natural. It combines high-quality materials, playful shapes and unexpected patterns to create toys, bedding and home accessories to bring joy to your family and enhance your life and home. 


We find out this Japanese company named Mokulock that reinvents the iconic Lego bricks by using different types of wood: the Japanese Maple tree with its vivid pink color, the Japanese Zelkova with its golden color, Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia and its dark green and calm white colors, Birch and Cherry with their brilliance. What a beauty!


Look at this new photo campaign by Linea MammaBaby: it recreated a real greenhouse of plants and flowers to launch its new products against lice and mosquito bites.
Discover also the brand new solar water spray for the summer: a new character, a starfish named Simoncina!


Let's discover how the creations by Lilipinso instil a unique essence to beautiful decorative themes, which will inspire and seduce children and their families. Their catalogues present a variety of styles and motifs in order to offer fresh and beautiful designs, always careful to sensitize kids to the art world, cool!


The latest newness by the British brand Lapin & Me are really cute!
Here there are the Lost Toys to collect, feeding sets produced in collaboration with the Australian illustrator Emma Labattaglia, and the Baby Lapin Lamps inspired by early plastic games from 1940s


Look at the latest collection of blankets for baby and kids with a sophisticated design that takes inspiration from Nordic animals and their natural habitat by Fabulous Goose; we really love this Scandinavian company and its luxurious design-led products built to last for the modern home and for all the family!


Albero Bambino is an Italian brand: wood, design, innovative materials, craft and industrial capabilities all made in Italy are its characteristics. The company, winner of the European Product Desing Award and the Family Choice Awards, introduces us its four years baby bed designed by Massimiliano Crescioli. So cute!


We discover Eperfa: three hungarian girls who make toys about two places of Hungary which are full of tales, the hills around Budapest and about Lake Balaton. 
They know and love the fauna and flora of these two places and they create toys about what means story in itself to them, as these recall our childhood memories and they retell them now to our own children. We really love them!


Play is essential to learn, to grow, to be happy...let's discover with us Aleta kids natural wooden toys directly from Spain, amazing! 


We discover Crosby Studios founder Harry Nuriev who relives childhood memories with My Reality, an installation that transports viewers to Moscow’s brightly colored playgrounds.
The immersive landscape centers on Carousel, a rotating sculpture awash in ultraviolet, set amid wall coverings depicting Soviet-style Brutalist apartment blocks, wow!

Photo credits by Mikhail Loskutov and Clemens Kois


Look at CasieLiving solutions by Carmen Siebold for every day life of families. Versatility, attention to detail, yet defined and distinct lines are the features of these furniture. Form, function and materials of the products sense users on a journey of discovery and provide room for individual use and shaping of one’s own design. CasieLiving uses local handicraft businesses for the manufacturing of her children’s furniture and living accessories.


Let's discover Io sono Frida by Sophie Faucher, a little book edited by Rizzoli.
It is a children's book with colorful illustrations by Cara Carmina who tells the story of Frida Kahlo, a special artist that transforms pain into art.


Let's discover Cocò & Design: an amazing new bio design for kids 100% made in Tuscany, dedicated to the youngest and the family; we really fall in love with its items!