unduetrestella is happy to announce its first participation at Playtime, Paris.

The main idea behind unduetrestella's project is to help children believe that contemporary art, its beauty, its messages, and its queries are values to comprehend and to cherish. unduetrestella projects and realizes site-specific installations and objects of contemporary art for children bedrooms, designed by some of the most interesting and important artists of contemporary national and international art world.

"il più grande ostacolo alla comprensione di un'opera è quello di voler capire"  
(The biggest obstacle to understand an art work is that of wanting to understand) 
Bruno Munari said.

unduetrestella organizes contemporary art workshops, cooperates with artists to create little artworks for the little ones  and, with the project Apriti Sesamo, follows the ideation and the production of wallpapers collections, conceived and designed by artists and illustrators for children bedrooms.   

PRIMA DEL VOLO (Before Flying), for example, is a serie of little birds drawn by the Italian artist Chiara Camoni in cooperation with lnes Bassanetti, her grandmother. In a child’s bedroom, this wallpaper will become a special window, a break for imagination able to discover a piece of sky and nature. 

In the occasion of Playtime unduetrestella presents the new My Spring pattern. When you learn the names of the flowers you will also learn how to draw them. My spring was born from the sketches of a six year old girl who discovers that the flowers are not only fragrant. 
My spring is also a new collection of tissue conceived by unduetrestella and realized by Panini Due, Como.

Other little art works realized fo children’s bedrooms are:  

FAIRYTALES LIGHTBOX by Samuele Menin. Each of us, as a child, had a special book of which he was particularly fond. Each child has a book he browses, watches, messes up... a book that probably will be special for entire life. With the project of Fairytales Lightbox, Samuel Menin decided to turn the pages of these books into magic lanterns, capable of giving light to sleep in the evening. During the day they will be pictures on the wall, a kind of book always opened in the bedroom. Each one is a unique and unrepeatable lightbox, just because it comes from the little personal booklet. The artist plays by making colors copies that are then superimposed and juxtaposed in a magic circle.

PRIVATE MEMORY by Martina della Valle. It’s a private interpretation of ORIGINAL MEMORY game. Sixteen images selected from the photo album of the little child and from the family archives, are re-pictured and revisited. A work to hang on the wall, to look at, or to play with. A way to recognise one’s own images and story, constituting a personal private memory to carry with you for the rest of your life.

PORZELLAN by Martina della Valle. A project born to create a precious object to be used in different moment and ages of our life. A little porcelain set to keep little pastina’s letters, left from our suppers. A porcelain eating set with soft photographic images in black and white impressed on, to use everyday and to grow with. 

In 1994 Bruno Munari published Contanti affettuosissimi auguri, a little artist book to say best wishes to everybody. unduetrestella invites artists, designers, illustratotors, to conceive their personal and special greetings card for our special gifts, a unique written and illustrated gift.
This special edition of cards is produced by unduetrestella and conceived by Samuele Menin (artist), Giulia Sagramola (illustrator) with Topi Pittori, and Studio delle Alpi (designer).   

The cards are on sale at unduetrestellaSTORE, via GB Vico 1, Milan.

For Playtime unduetrestella presents the candies of an Italian historical company, Mera & Longhi, founded in Varese at the end of the Nineteenth Century. Mera & Longhi is a big producer of special candies, ginevrine and gelèes. In the seventies they had the brilliant long view to transform candies in healthy candies. The grandpa of the actual owner decided to study healing herbs: that’s how he starts to produce digestive candies with lemon and sage, and the famous rubarb candy. For Italian people Mera & Longhi’s products, their colors and simple packaging, represents memories of their childhood. 
With unduetrestella and the crafty hands of Laura Olivi, Mera&Longhi thinks a special collaboration to set up the place in a unique way.

unduetrestella also works with and supports some of the most interesting Italian design brands, working in the childhood field. 
In the occasion of Playtime, unduetrestella is proud to present the works of: Alicucio, Bumoon, duepuntispazio, il mondo di eve, il Saccotto MADE IN ITALY, matite colorate, MV% Ceramics Design, Studio Fludd, toc toc LAB, YellowOffice, Ufetto

Here are some presentation of the brands, from their websites. 

Alicucio. Sicilian artist, born in 1977, Arcangelo Favata believes that the concept of rubbish does not exist in nature, because everything can have another life. This is the idea which his seats are based on, completely built recycling and assembling obsolete materials found in the streets of Torino, where he has been living for a couple of years. 

Bumoon. Behind the world of Bumoon® there’s Giuditta Bussetti, graphic designer born in Italy and also a professional photographer with 10 years of experience. When she found out she would have had a baby she wanted to create a harmonious environment for her nursery, which was quiet and colourful and decide to design attractive wall decals for the nursery. This is how Bumoon® was born: a way to decorate, brighten up, and bring happiness and colour to the environment in which a children grow up, to make them smile and to stimulate them to play and imagine new stories every day. 

duepuntispazio. duepuntispazio is an Italian brand that offers original and functional accessories and furniture for kids addressing to the contemporary family who is aware of trends but also of the quality of what they buy, to make home spaces unique and personal. Each product is the result of a creative idea translated into a project and handmade by Italian craftsmen. Each element is characterized by quality, originality and functionality. 

il mondo di eve. Behind the mood of il mondo di eve there’s is the willing of thinking, imagine, design and creating objects which will always have utility and intended function for those who use them, even growing up. Simple shapes, warm colors, objects that easily can be inserted in a domestic environment are the main features of il mondo di eve’s products. Thought and designed by two mothers, all the pieces are complitely realized by Italian craftsmen.

Il Saccotto MADE IN ITALY. The saccotto is a family of animal bean bags that includes four different characters: Annibale the elephant, Tricky the walrus, Hippop the hippo and Dolby the kangaroo. Their history is made of dreams and colors, fabrics and softness, a reality that is a reflection of a much more fascinating fantasy world, where elephants are yellow and walrus have the green tusks! Il Saccotto MADE IN ITALY is halfway between an informal chair and a cute stuffed animal on which roll over, sit down, lie, which can be dragged, hugged and, why not, “disputed” between multiple hands! The simplicity of the shapes, clean lines of its profile and the careful choice of fabrics and colors mean that the Saccotto can find place in a classic children’s room or in a urban loft, meeting the taste of children and adults who love design.

matite colorate. matite colorate is a design and architecture project born on the first day of spring 2000, that deals with residential construction, interior design and landscaping. They took inspiration from the variety of the always changing landscape of the region they live in: Liguria. An enigma of horizons, vanishing islands that come and go, changing visions, songs of sirens, contrasts and delights. Their style is based on a continuous evolution of content and creative emotions: a design approved but never ever paid to search for original solutions.

Mv% Ceramics Design. Hidden away in a part of Milan, away from the traffic of the historic centre of town, where it is still possible to find an oasis of peace and especially colour, close to the waters of the Naviglio canal, surrounded by historic landmarks of the city, Mariavera Chiari chose to open her magical atelier, laboratory and shop. A space of light and poetry, filled with her extraordinary ceramic creations. After a few years working as an architect, Mariavera created the brand MV% Ceramics Design HAND MADE IN ITALY and began creating, making and producing her range of ceramics, from table collections to a pieces of furniture (which she produces in collaboration with her brother Carlo), to the mini series of objects and sculptures which have been completed over the years. 

Studio Fludd. Studio Fludd is a creative collective, Venezia based and alchemy inspired. They are after the eclectic alchemist sir Robert Fludd. They manipulate matter, materials and ideas. They concive projects of art direction, graphic design, illustration, product design, decoration, concept development, visual identities, events. Studio Fludd is: Matteo Baratto, Caterina Gabelli, Sara Maragotto and Valeria Sanguin.

toc toc LAB. toc toc LAB is a newborn creative space that gives birth to self-produced objects that want to be "tools" to play with aesthetical experience in an open range of fields; from interaction through senses to the symbolic aspects of creativity. Together with unconventional pieces of furniture as well as custom pieces designed for specific demand, the aim is to be really kids-oriented instead of parents-oriented.

YelowOffice. YellowOffice was founded in March 2008 as a studio for landscape and landscape urbanism design. The activities covered by YellowOffice comprehend the several scales of the landscape design process: from urban planning to private parks; from fragments of urban centres to territorial parks; from re-naturalization of discarded zones to valorisation of naturalistic relevant areas. The professional objectives of YellowOffice are to combine the needs of appearance and functionality to ecological requirements, giving innovative and recognizable solutions through a consolidated method of design approach. YellowOffice combines research and design. Starting from the landscape issues it is also involved in design and art works, illustrations, exhibitions and interior design. 

Ufetto. Simona Coppa, fashion designer of the Comolli Coppa brand (bags and accessories), concived a new brand of handbags for girls. Made entirely by hand in Italy and with top quality materials, these bags are seriously made with passion and fun. “The passport of the Hummingbird” - S/S Collection 2015: Hummingbird is the nickname of a girl who would never stand still even when she appeared to be so. A girl who was so beautiful and was not aware of it. And who had a great passion for bags. A little girl who had to go on a fantastic journey on the back of a giant chicken (Amperia) and that the morning she had to leave could not remember in which bag she had left her passport. And when she showed up before Amperia, who goggled at the sight of that suitcase, candidly said, “I'd brought with me all my bags anyway”. Five models in an array of colors, handmade cross-stitch embroidery in the “traditional manufacture are made of Viennen straw” and wicker, leather, PVC and glittering fabric, woven beads, cotton, satin. 
ufetto.com | #ufetto_bag