@ 84.Pitti Immagine Bimbo
KidzFIZZ, Padiglione Medici
January, 19-21 2017
Fortezza da Basso, Firenze

 In the occasion of 84.Pitti Immagine Bimbo we are proud to annunce the new edition of the brand project, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, that will take place in Milano from 4th to 9th April during 2017 Design Week. Since 2013, Pitti Immagine Bimbo invites unduetrestella to show a little but precious preview of the main show in program in Milan. With unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK we point the attention to the most important italian event dedicated to design since years, the internationally and prestigious Salone del Mobile, with a special week of design and art projects for kids.

 Art, design and creativity are the key players of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, unduetrestella deeply perseveres to show the most interesting design ways and creative solutions to live and grow with kids, but first of all to be kids. The idea is to point out different “spaces for kids” cohoperating with brands, companies, designers, artists and creative people involved in kids universe. Unduetrestella is still continuing its research and scouting itinerary into an internationally context to include and shed light on the most particular and interesting projects oriented to the kids world.

During this unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK’s exhibition, hosted in the KidZ FIZZ area (Padiglione Medici) we are happy to talk and present projects and companies that interpret design not only as an esthetic but also a functional solution to grow.

The 2017 claim is Don’t stop to emphasize the strength and power of childhood along with the responsibilities of us, adults to teach children to grow up and live in this contemporary world.

It is an honour to have with us CUCULA Refugees Company for Crafts and Design from Berlin. ‘Cucula’ originates from the Hausa language in western central Africa, and means ‘to do somthing together’, as well as ‘to take care of each other’. CUCULA design manufacture produces and sells premium design objects and as such conveys basic technical qualifications with focus on furniture production. In the proprietary workshop, fueled by active collaboration between refugees, designers and pedagogues, a lively production space is forming, where knowledge about carpentry and design is transferred and where new ideas are being developed. As a starting point, the manufacture is exploring Enzo Mari’s ‘DIY’ furniture program Autoprgettazione’. At Pitti Bimbo we present their Bambino chair.

We are happy to host for the first time Ever Life Design, beautiful challenge from historic Thermomat company that wants to turn the bathroom into a place in which to live with young children, adults and older people with their needs to be solved. A design for living in any life moment.

For the first time in Italy Polish Pani Pieska brand, a small family company, with its collection of adorable characters and animals, all handmade in a little workshop in the mountains of Bieszczady.

We are proud to present new Italian brand Babau Lab, speaking to children observing, imagining and creating educational and interactive toys. An ethical laboratory, as they like named themselves, attentive to compliance with the laws and the rights of workers, and the use of natural and recyclable materials: wood with FSC label come from forests correctly managed and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic, water and non-toxic colors, recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks, all strictly CE certificate and “Made in Italy.” On their homepage the Babau Lab designers express a great desire to make the world - through the game of a child - a better place.

Also the ceramics by Paola Pezza can change the world for their delicacy and poetry. With great skill they are all handmade, drawing with a needle on the sheet of paper resting on the piece of pottery.

Big news is the “mini” version of the famous Italian brand Pijama that presents its new collection of schoolbags and backpacks for kids with the summer collection 2017 fabrics.

Alicucio, Nidi, Ocarina mp3, Puella Petite and Studio delle Alpi are still cohoperating and growing with us with new projects and products.

For the first time Puella Petite presents a selection of her last collection for little girls. The style is poetic and vintage-inspired line and resumes the Puella brand details, focusing on coats with pure lines, sartorial elegance and a tricot collection extremely refined and recognizable. The production takes place entirely in Italy with particular attention to the choice of materials and the craftsmanship tradition.

Since two years, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK reinforces the cooperation with the stroller brand Joolz.
Since always the brand from Netherlands is very careful to what it calls positive design and, especially with the new Joolz DAY2, try to make the best moments of life, as the first pregnancy, the arrival of the second child, a little easier and a little bit nicer.

Also for this edition unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK hosts the Japanese MT masking tape with a site-specific installation.

Thanks to Linea Mammababy that supports the event. For 84.Pitti Immagine Bimbo the brand presents four new products that enrich their line of care and hygiene for children from the very first days of life, for mothers, and for the whole family: Intimo BabyBaby Intimate Hygiene Foam, Sole Baby 30Sunscreen SPF 30, Sole Baby 50Sunscreen SPF 50+ and Dopo Sole Baby – After Sun Lotion. Like all their products, even these are clearly recognizable by a graphic design which also helps the little ones who can not read: the ladybug named Elenina is the Intimo Baby, the popsicle Giovannino the Sole Baby 30, the ice-cream Albertino Sole Baby 50+,  the lemon wedge Angelina Dopo Sole Baby.

With unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK there are:
Alicucio (I) alicucio.comBabau Lab (I) babaulab.comCUCULA (D) cucula.orgEver Life Design (I) everlifedesign.itJoolz (NL) my-joolz.itLinea MammaBaby (I)lineamammababy.comMT masking Tape (JP) nastrimt.comNidi (I) nidi.itOcarina mp3 (I) ocarinamp3.comPani Pieska (PL) panipieska.comPaola Pezza (I)instagram.com/paolapezzaPijama (I) pijama.itPuella Petite (I) puella.itStudio delle Alpi (LU) studiodellealpi.comTocTocLAB (I) toctoclab.it