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After the great success of the exhibition format kidsroomZOOM!, four editions 2011-2014, unduetrestella course of research and scouting will be presented in a new location and becomes big.

unduetrestella is proud to announce unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, that will take place in the prestigious spaces of Superstudio Piu / Basement, within Ki.D.S. Kids Design at Superstudio, during Milan Design Week 2015 (April, 14-19). The preview of this brand new event has been hosted at 80.Pitti Bimbo, Florence, last January.
Ki.D.S Kids Design at Superstudio presents projects by Blue Monkeys Distribution, Eco and You, Nidi, Studio delle Alpi, together with unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK.

Ki.D.S. Kids Design at Superstudio has the pleasure of hosting some of the most interesting magazines that deal with childhood: Elle Kidskid's wearMarie Claire EnfantsMilano MomsNykyinenStyle Piccoli and Vogue Bambini.
In the area dedicated to them, each magazine is present with a photo shoot from their archives dedicated to HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to celebrate, all together, the 15 years of Superstudio.

With Stay little to become big, title of this first edition, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK aims to tell the importance of staying kids to become big (#staylittle).

Furniture, home furnishings, toys, art, food and editorial proposals interact with each other in the spaces of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK in order to create special environments to live, move and grow with the children, but especially for being children. unduetrestella believes that, today, the furniture dedicated to the world of kids just can’t reproduce the design object from adults’world since it has to fullfil more complex needs such as the play, the growth and the development of skills, not to mention that it has to pay attention to materials, production and realization techniques of the objects.

Art, design and creativity for children are the key players of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK.
Thanks to a research that have been strenghten through years, unduetrestella presents some interesting solutions and suggestions for “spaces for the little ones”, working with brands, companies, designers and artists involved in the world of childhood, to create creative design solutions that also meet the requirements of the smallest.

All the little boxes used for the cover of the communication are from an Italian vintage serie of toys.

They participates at unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK:
Alicucio (I), TANTOOO - Antonio Scarponi/Conceptual Devices (I/CH), Giovanni Bauwens-Willing and Able (BE), bumoon (FR), blueroom (CH),collégien (FR), Fabulous Goose (DK), georges (FR), Goodnight Light (FR/ES), ”ah, quel plaisir!” (FR), il Saccotto MADE IN ITALY (I), IK&SK Design Studio (FR), IO Kids Design (UK), ItalyForKids (I), jäll & tofta (DE), jungle by jungle (FR), Joolz (NL), Koa Koa (FR), Lagrama (ES), Richard Lampert(DE), LEFTOVER (I/CH), LIL’gaea (TR), LILIANE Dolls Villa (NL), LOFT42 by Furf Design Studio (I), LOUIS LE SEC (BE), Martina della Valle (I), Matite Colorate (I), Mayice (ES), MOLUK (CH), MV% Ceramics Design (I), muscar fluffy lights (GR/UK), Nidi (I), NONAH (FR), Puella Petite (I), Noga Ravin(IL/PL), Samuele Menin (I), Fränze Straessle (DE), Studio delle Alpi (LU), Studio Fludd (I), toctocLAB (I), Uocu (DE), Melina di Valia Barriello (I), &me(NL), YellowOffice (I).

Special thanks to perludi (AT) and KRETHAUS (AR) for the installation of the welcome desk of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK.

Saturday April 18th, in collaboration with KOA KOA (FR)
Sunday April 19th, mettiMI in valigia with Martina Fuga, Lidia Labianca e Sabrina Ferrero, authors of My MIlano - ElectaKids, in collaboration withElectaKids.

unduetrestellaSTORE. During Design week, unduetrestellaSTORE, Via GB Vico 1, hosts special windows installations by some of the participant designers. From the April 14th to April 19th, unduetrestellaSTORE hosts the French Koa Koafor the first time in Italy, that offers creative and educational activities for kids, conceived by designers.
A GUEST A DAY. During Ki.D.S. Kids Design at Superstudio, Nidi hosts everyday small events inside the event. Installations and presentations take place throughout the week: a laboratory of ideas to create always new stories. Organized in collaboration with unduetrestella.

Pictures courtesy of Davide Zanoni.