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At its third edition,  gets out from the home dimension it had in the past  to confront a reality equally important for the lives of children: kindergarten. KidsroomZOOM! and Clorofilla, a brand new space dedicated to children, come together to give rise to an exchange of experience and dialogue all focused on children.

kidsroomZOOM! 3 take place in two big spaces in the district of Clorofilla nursery-school, bordering with five large windows on Via Cesare da Sesto, close to Corso Genova, not far from Sant'Ambrogio and a few steps from the MOST Science and Technology Museum.

Every year kidsroomZOOM! develops a current topic that is of interest both children and adults. This year the topic is "I WISH I WAS A ...", as an opportunity to reflect on what will be our future and an incentive to play and imagine. Kids and adults are invited to fill in the dots to complete the sentence and find out who or what they would like to be.

Partecipating brands, artists and designers: aboutSTEK (NL), Alicucio (I), Matteo Bissaca (I), Boom (I), BudtzBendix (DK), bumoon (F), clemt (I), Martina Della Valle (I), EGG Helmets (NL), Fabulous Goose (DK), Furf Design (BR), IO Kids Design (UK), georges (F), Julica Design (D), Kalon Studios (USA), Silvia Knüppel (D), KRETHAUS (AR), Legnocoloredesign (I), Anna Licata (I), Alexa Lixfeld (D), Samuele Menin (I), Menut (E), miniio (PL), mumo (I), MV% ceramics design (I), Nina and the other little things by JaBaDaBaDo (I/S), Nesta’s Nest (D), Nonah! (F), Peridea (I), perludi (A), Puella petit (I), Punch’n’cuddle (UK), il Saccotto MADE IN ITALY (I), Kurt Stapelfeldt (ZA), Studio 17 (NO), Studio delle Alpi (LU), Toronto by IN-TENTA (E), UOCU (D), Utzon Kids (DK), Weamo (UK), YellowOffice (I), Carlotta Zucca (I). 

In the occasion of the third edition of kidsroomZOOM! the new Linea MammaBaby by Olcelli Farmaceutici is presented. 

unduetrestellaSTORE is hosting STUDIO DELLE ALPI special show.

On Sunday, kidsroomZOOM!3 hosts the special project FACE-O-MAT by Tobias Gutmann

Immagini courtesy Sergio Magnano.