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APRITI SESAMO (Open Sesame). unduetrestella presents three particular projects that, though very different from each other, have the strength to open new spaces starting precisely from the four walls of a children’s room.

Miriam Broggini  presents the project “enchantment”, created purposely for unduetrestella. It is a large black and white photograph.“The choice to create a wallpaper, to work on the bi-dimensional aspect without trying to objectify the work, comes from the desire to unify and integrate without any distance,  the fantastic dimension of the image with that which is more real and everyday, the one of the room which the child inhabits. In ‘enchantment’ those typical childhood fears are transformed by the artist in a fantastic and imaginary world: the fear of the night, of darkness, the curiosity of shadows transform positively through highly evocative figures which are able to create a wonderful fascination.” The project “enchantment” is a site-specific intervention which originates from the objects (and their shadows) the child has in the bedroom. Each child will have his or her own “Enchantment”.

For the first time in Italy and in occasion of “Open Sesame” will be presented the series of wall papers, produced last spring, by Otto Dunker. His work departed from some of his best drawings. Otto is nine years old and lives in Sweden. His mother is Elisabeth Dunker, well known worldwide as independent and multidisciplinary designer, author of the blog and website 

The shop window of unduetrestella’s space will be transformed in the installation by Erica Fenaroli “Awaiting to play with snowballs”. The artist departs from her editorial project “Andrea’s book who awaits to play with snowballs”. A book for children to not-learn-how-to-count. She imagines transforming the window of the exhibition space into a magical place where one can admire a snowfall that never ends. The artist has created  sticker kits of snowflakes for children to use on the glass of their windows