welcome cucchiaino! MIRALDA COLOMBO is a curly lady, a journalist, a food blogger… She opend in 2009 the cult food blog il cucchiaino di Alice (Alice’s little spoon) dedicated to her little daughter Alice.  Amazing recipes, delicious combinations of ingredients, simple and sofisticated at the same time… waiting for all her recipes collected in Il cucchiaino, in the bookshops in September for Gallucci editore she dedicates to Zoomy one of her creations a week!

La melina nel dolcetto  - by Il cucchiaino di Alice

littles apples sunk in a light dough...

Ingredients (3 people)

little apples 3, brown sugar 50 gr, milk 120 ml, white yogurt 2 spoons,  eggs 
2, white flour 60 gr, butter 30 gr,  cinnamon half  little spoon, 
half sachet of yeast, peel of lime (or lemon)

Whisk eggs with sugar to obtain a foamy dough. Add milk, yogurt and melt butter, one little spoon of lime peel and whisk again. Add white flour mixed with cinnamon and yeast. Fill the 3 muffin baking-pans, the dough has to be rather liquid, dive the apples into them. You could put on the top other brown sugar and cinnamon. Put in the oven, 175 C° for a 30’. Enjoy them!