KRISZTZAN ZANA - photographer

how is your bed? and your cradle when you were baby? I'm very bad with beds. I'm always sleeping on one which is given or accessible. I never really had a cradle when I was kid, probably that's the reason why I don't pay much attention on beds. It is a funny story: my first bed was inherited from my parents: They cut their double bed into half and a half was given to me, the other half was placed in our weekend house.

which kind of meal you do not like? which is your favourite dish that your mom prepare to you? I'm a big fan of international cuisine! I love to try out new dishes. My favorite is s scrambled eggs with a sliced frankfurter, topped with paprika. But my taste always change periodically as far as I remember.

your favorite book to read? I am a big fan of comic books

have you got an imaginary friend? Not really, but I always wished to have one, especially because I'm a single child

which photo did you see first? I am growing up on amateur family pictures, I have just realized what photography means for real. The first photograph I saw is a beauty poster on the wall at my father's hair saloon.