OTTO DUNKER promising designer

how is your bed? and your cot when you were baby? I have a white wooden bed which you can pull out. But it is very big now and so long it can be because I've grown a lot. When I was little I had the same bed, only it was not pulled out. When I was a baby a slept between my mother and father mostly.

which kind of meal you do not like? which is your favourite dish that your mom prepare to you? I like salmon soup. Only my mother don't cook so much. It is mostly my father who cooks. I love his food!

your favorite book to read? I like Manga series. But I also like Oliver Twist, that my mother reads to me in the evenings now.

have you got an imaginary friend? No not any more! But when I was little I had a Snail named Mr Fugo. He's dead now.

do you sleep with someone - something with? I have a couple of softies, but I don't have them in my bed all the time. It gets so crowdy.