KOSTAS SYTARIOTIS - designer how is your bed? I have a single bed that my father made (he is a carpenter) out of walnut tree. It has two small glass windows with a flower composition carved inside. It seems really huge to me. It is in my parent's room placed next to the wall on the left side, and i use to put my knee against it, it reassure me as i feel a kind of boundary. I still sleep with my right knee up towards the bed's limit!

and your cut when you were baby? As you can see my mom is not very friendly to the barber! I guess she always want to have a daughter, but she had two ancient Greek warriors instead..

which kind of meal you do not like? Everything that involves artichokes, i always hated them. They are nature's bad design!! :o)

which is your favourite dish? Chicken with Bàmies, a Greek dish with Okra plant. My mom always prepare it every time. Simply delicious! Oh, and pizza, of course.

your favorite book to read? Yellow pages? Just kidding.. The first book that really fascinated me is Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island. I remember it quite well.

have you got an imaginary friend? No, as i had a brother, 6 years younger. But i have my favourite blanket, just as Linus! I called it "Nani".