FREDERIC COLETTE - Collect furniture

How was your cut when you were a Baby? How is your bed? As a Baby I use to sleep in the family baby cut – crafted over 150 years ago, it was the one my mother, grandfather and his father and grandfather also used as a child.

Which is your favorite dish your mum use to cook for you? What meal don't you like at all? I use to love anything sweet&sour and I love when my mother prepared porridge for breakfast. I have a fantastic memory of frozen carrots, which I use to sneak out of the freezer and eat anytime of the day. I hate anything with olive oil.

What is your favorite book? Barbapapa’s transforming into any shape, fighting for animal rights and against pollution: They were clear favorites!

Do you have an imaginary friend? I do not have an imaginary friend, but a sister just 1 year younger than I – we are best friends most of our childhood.