Livia Rossi, Livialein  How is your bed? My bed is of wood and is yellow. My little sister has the same one. We have also the same duvet. Red on one side, and red with white leaves on the other.

Which kind of meal you do not like? and your favorite? My mum doesn’t know how to cook. So I don’t like to eat food in general. It’s so boring to sit for so long around the table. Liver it’s really disgusting. I like semolina. And desserts.

Your favorite book to read? I like a book mum and I chose together in the bookshop. Aesop’s fables. There are beautiful animals drawings. They are like paper cut outs.

Have you got an imaginary friend? I have many. The dishwasher, the teacups, the armchair, the scissors… everything in the house. They are all my friends and speak to me.

Do you sleep with someone – something with? I am not allowed to sleep with any furry toys. Dad says it’s not good for me. Morbidone is the only one that I can sleep with. He is a pink fabric teddy bear. He comes from Germany. On the front of his dress it’s written: “Du bist super”. “You are super” in German.