CHIARA, funky mama How is your bed? and your cradle when you were baby?  I had a massive bed with a complicated brass head and my mom cover it with a pink bed spead...I don't really know if I like it but it's sooooo soft and It's mine.

Which kind of meal you do not like? which is your favourite dish that your mom prepare to you? Fish! Any kind of fish except for the fried one. The dish I prefer the most is my auntie's lasagna, my mom is a good cooker too but nothing compared with my autie!

Your favorite book to read? I hearth Momo, Do you know who Momo is? Momo  is a little girl who lives amongst riuns and she fight to save the Time. They said Michael Ende wrote it... Momo is my hero!!!

Have you got an imaginary friend? No I don't, I spend good times with real ones!