DONNA WILSON, designer

How is your bed? My bed is one of my favourite places, even when I'm not tired I like to get into bed and chat on the phone or just relax! I have a big feather duvet and then a nice blanket on top, very cosy. Which is your favourite meal? I love Thai food especially green curry with sticky rice. I like most foods but my least favourite would be sandwiches ! Your favorite book to read? I'm embarrassed to say I don't read many books. I'm always too tired or prefer to draw or sketch. Or look at pictures! Sometimes I will get into a book but it takes me a long time to read and I get impatient to find out what happens. Have you got an imaginary friend? Not any more, my mum said that I used to, he was called googie and he used to ride on the back of my bike with me. No I talk to my creatures as if they are real people sometimes!