JO POLLITT, creative director, BIG kids magazine

How is your bed?  It is against the wall and with a yellow bedspread to match the yellow curtains my mother made.  My brother's bed is a train built by my mother with a toy box engine and on the top bunk our cat births two white kittens which means he sleeps on the floor. Which kind of meal you do not like?  I do not like brussel sprouts. And your favourite? I love "meelies" (corn on the cob) and dip-it-in bolied eggs with soldiers. I love walking up to the deli with 50cents to choose Sunday sweets. Your favorite book to read?  A Very Worried Sparrow, Little Peter Rabbit, The Flopsy Bunnies and Milly Molly Mandy. Have you got an imaginary friend? No, I play 'schools' under the house with 3 children over the fence and make friends with the circus children in the park opposite. I push my dolls in the wheely washing basket and believe they are alive. I write to my 'sister' in a diary. I have only a brother.