BRIT  LEISSLER, designer

How is your bed? I sleep on the lower bunk bed, my twin brother on top.  The bed is used  not just for sleeping but also for building caves and the top we use as a stage for regular performances in which we show magic tricks or sing to the tape-recorded version of all kind of songs, using our Mum’s mandolin pretending it to be an electric guitar. Under my bed I created a cemetery for all kinds of dead insects that I keep finding in the garden. I design little coffins from matchboxes for them and then cover them with garden mouldmixed withcress seeds. Unfortunately the cress never sprouted – but because of me watering the little graves (and therefore also the carpet under my bed) eventually the whole cemetery got really rotten and smelly – not to the amusement of my parents. What is your favorite dish? I always loved cheese, olives and chocolate. Which kind of meal do you not like? I never liked meat very much. Some things never change. What is your favorite book?  Alice in Wonderland Do you have an imaginary friend? No imaginary friends. But I was convinced for a long time that I was a Red Indian child adopted by my parents, as this was something a friend of mine had suggested. When I confronted my parents with that thought, they denied it all… which I took as an obvious sign that my assumptions were right.