DONATELLA CAGNA, thekidsboutikHow is your bed? Seen from the outside, my bed is quite normal, but to me it’s my shelter. The place of my dreams, where I make up so many great adventures! I sleep surrounded by my soft toys and every night, like a ritual, I put each of them in the right order around me! Mom gets mad because she’s not allowed to walk out of my room until they are properly arranged! She doesn’t show it, though… Which meal you do not like? I don’t like cauliflowers, scallops, horse and rabbit meat...And you favourite? But I do love tomatoes, which I call “La pom”, mixing up Italian and French. I spend my summer holidays at my aunt and uncle’s farm in the countryside between Rome and Viterbo. And they regularly find me hidden in the vegetable garden eating juicy sun-ripened tomatoes. I love them so much – mom even bought me a skirt decorated with lovely tomatoes! And then I love any type of pasta, cheese and chocolate – strictly black (as a good Belgian should!). Your favorite book? My favourite book is Le Petit Prince and then all the books by Beatrix Potter! Have you got any imaginary friend? Yes, I’ve got many. But, above all, I’ve got a (younger) sister and an (elder) brother… imaginary ones, of course. I’m an only child and I’m so sad about it that I’ve made up a couple of siblings… and I have so much fun with them! And as I am a shy and solitary girl, and a dreamer as well, I spend my afternoons day-dreaming, leading my own incredible and intense imaginary life!