FLORENCE BORIES, designer, Pigmée

How is your bed? My bed is a peacock blue wood bed, 8 of my soft toys and dolls are watching over me at the bed end but my 3 favourites are sticked to me, which means a full bed of 12 “people”… Which kind of meal you do not like? I hate most of the vegetables especially the green ones. The worst would be courgettes, celery, beetroot, endive and peas. And your favourite? I love vanilla rice pudding, i wish i could eat it everyday ! Your favorite book to read? My favorite books are the ones from the “rouge et or “ collection which were my parents books so i like the antik color of the pages and the smell. Have you got an imaginary friend? My imaginary friend is my soft toys a rabbit named “lapin”that i have from my birth and such as i am an only child, he is my every night confident.