ANNA EMILIA, illustrator How is your bed? My bed is upstairs and I can see the stars shining on dark autumn and winter nights when laying on my back. Sometimes I close the curtains, which are hanging above my bed. It is almost like to sleep in a tent, made of lace. Which is your favourite book? Everything is very good, there is no bad food. My favorite is lingonberry porridge with milk. It is pink, bright pink. And the cheese that my mother makes in the big oven. That is eaten with cinnamon. Also, everything that is sweet cannot hide too long from me and the times I am left alone, you can be sure that I find these sweet things because I think that they fit my mouth very well. Your favourite book? A book by Gabrielle Vincent where a big bear and a tiny mouse live together and the mouse looses her small doll. The big bear sews a new doll for her. Then I also start to sew. To knit. To crochet. Everyday.