TINNA PETURSDOTTIR, designer, dottir&sonur How is your bed? It´s a bunk bed, I normally sleep in the lower bunk and my big sister in the upper one. My favorite linens are dark green cotton ones with Emil, one of Astrid´s Lindgren best characters.

Which is the food you do not like? I hate minced meat with bacon and I don´t like fried veggies. And your favourite? instead I looove fried fish and sausages and saturday´s I sometimes get to eat some candy and watch Tom and Jerry.

Your favourite book? My favorite book is Dimmalimm, an Icelandic fairytale about a princess and a swan.

Have you got an imaginary friend? Apparently I did have someone that I played with and talked to. I can not remember but according to my mother I did. My siblings where much older or just infants at that time so I did not have anyone to really play with when I was at home, except my imaginary friend.