FRAENZE STRAESSLE, Fine Rubbish, artist How is your bed? The best place is my father’s lap, on the heart’s side. The second best place is my father’s old Biedermeier cot (in which my youngest daughter is dreaming now). Which is the food you hate? Food I did not like/school food: Greasy fish fingers with mushy spinach and an old boiled potato.  Which is your favourite food?  Green salad, a fresh slice of bread and butter with a little bit of salt and a glass of cold milk. My mother’s hand, full of wild berries, which she poured directly into my mouth. Your favourite book? Book: Schellenursli and Pippi Longstocking. Have you got an imaginary friend? Together with my four siblings, the neighbour children, our friends and enemies we are playing in our garden in an old camper. Special guests: all our beings and creatures.