ILARIA FALORSI, illustrator How is you bed? Made of wood. But i prefer my sister's bed, her bed has a chest filled to the brim with toys. I can't touch them. Which kind of meal you do not like? I don't like red meat, when I eat red meat, I have to drown it in lemon juice. And spinach. Yuuuuuk! And your favorite? I love chocolate"crostatina" by Mulino Bianco, when I eat them, first of all... I eat the crust (the worst part) and then I eat slooooowly  the central part, plump of chocolate. I also love pizza, fried sole and plain rice and some soy pills my mom hide in the credence. Your favorite book to read? I can't read now, but my sister every day before go to sleep read me a comic from Mickey Mouse: when Daisy decides to take boxe's lessons. I can't read it now, but i know every dialogue all by heart. Have you got an imaginary friend? No, I just talk sometimes to the plants in the terrace, and everyday I prepare for them a soup for lunch or dinner. I also have a sheet with daisies, i rub it against my nose when I suck my one's thumb, but he's not my friend.