DIRK PLOOS VAN AMSTEL, designer How is your bed? My bed is made by my father and is a mess all the time. It wouldn’t be an exception to wake up with my head at foot-side. Which kind of meal you do not like? Cheese! All my family really likes it. But I think it stinks and I even wouldn’t touch it. And your favourite? My mother’s home made Macaroni (without cheese)!Your favorite book to read? That must be ‘Jacko’ the Ape book by J.S. Goodall. It’s ‘written’ (without words) in 1972 and was bought for my older brother. It’s illustrated with paste downs and end papers. I think it’s really fascinating!!  Have you got an imaginary friend? No, that’s not necessary. My house is in a place where many kids life. I can (cross)bike, hockey, play football all the time!