AGATA SEREDYN, architect, Rafa-kids How is your bed? My parents told me that when they brought me from the hospital, they had no cradle for me, so they put two armchairs together and let me sleep there. Letter I got this funny bed which you fold to the wall, it is like a big cupboard. I hide the bed during the day and open when I go to sleep. I have my secret board there, just above my head. When I lie in bed - I draw there, and put stickers and nobody know about it…Which kind of meal you do not like? Which is your favourite dish that your mom prepare to you? I am a really bad eater, my mum says it is a nightmare. I don’t like meat at all but I do like fruit. I love when my grandma is cooking for me small pancakes with apples and I'm crazy about her cheesecake which is the best in the whole world with a lot of raisins and orange peels. Your favorite book to read? I'm just five and I'm not really interested in reading. I like to watch funny cartoons and play.  Do you have an imaginary friend ? Yes I have plenty of imaginary friends, and I talk to them and play with them in my room. My dolls are also my best friends. I'm looking after them and like when they listen to me. My mum sometimes thinks that I'm not at home, because I'm so busy playing in my own world and I don't like others to bother me.