MINA PANIC, designer, IO Kids design How is your bed? My bed is very nice and soft. It has a green velvet cover and my grandmothers knitted cushions with colourful roses on it. And it has my favourite doll Gina in it. Which kind of meal you do not like? I really don’t like cabage! And your favourite? And my favourite food is pate. My mum gets really upset because pate is all I ever want to eat. Your favorite book to read? My favourite book is called ‘The cat who steals the slippers’ (The cobbler cat) by Ela Peroci. The book is about a cat who takes away the slippers from children who don’t put them away before they go to bed. The children wake up in the morning and decide to go through the forest to find the cat and bring their slippers back. My grandmother always tells me. That the cat will come and take my slippers too  if I don’t put them away. Have you got an imaginary friend? I don’t but my special friend is my uncle who is a cobbler. I always sit next to him in his workshop and watch him make shoes on his lap.  My favourite bit is right at the end,  watching him trim the sole into a perfect shape with just one sweeping cut.  He always gives me pate sandwiches.