Special HOW-OLD-R-U... from New York Magazine

Julia Stegner. Photo: Courtesy of Julia Stegner, Imaxtree

Kati Nescher. Photo Courtesy of Kati Nescher, Imaxtree
Bar Refaeli. Photo: Courtesy of Bar Refaeli, Imaxtree

Fei Fei Sun.  Photo: Courtesy of Fei Fei Sun, Imaxtree

Josefien Rodermans.  Photo: Courtesy of Josefine Rodermans, Imaxtree

Magda Laguinge.  Photo: Courtesy of Magda Laguinge, Imaxtree

Josephine Skriver. Photo: Courtesy of Josephine Skriver, Imaxtree

Lily Aldridge.  Photo: Courtesy of Lily Aldridge, Imaxtree

Some weeks ago New York magazine published this amazing slideshow. Enjoy it on NYM!

Long before these women were one-name wonders, slogging long hours during fashion week, dating movie stars, or starting charities, they were just little girls from all over the world, with no clue what lay in store for them. By Stella Bugbee and Spencer Mandell