LIESBETH, WOLF, designer 2012-10-16 12:08 How is your bed? I share a bunk bed with my sister. She’s sleeping on the top bunk and I’m below her. It’s mostly a lot of fun to sleep together. But sometimes I’d like to be alone and then I hang sheets around my bed. It’s like I sleep in a tent now. Mostly it only lasts for a few minutes and then I want my sister to be with me in the tent. Your favourite food? My favorite meal? That’s easy: spaghetti! I think everyone can tell when I eat spaghetti: there’s tomato sauce all over my face! Which kind of meal you do not like? think Brussels sprouts and cabbage is bweeeurh! Don’t know why people eat that.Your favorite book to read? In all honesty: I can’t read yet but I really love to act  as if I can read. I then grab my daddy’s book, go sit in the couch and mimic my dad reading. I’m not sure if I can fool my mom into believing I can read but it sure is fun. When no one is watching I love to look at books that have big pictures of animals in them. Love whales and elephants! Have you got an imaginary friend? There’s my teddy bear. He’s my best friend. Ever. Ever.