SILVIA KNÜPPEL, designer Silvia Knüppel-childHow is your bed? I sleep in a wooden bunk bed with my sister. She is sleeping in the top bed and I am sleeping in the lower bed. I like to sleep in a room with my older sister, that makes me less afraid at night. Which kind of meal you do not like? I don`t like red cabbage and mushrooms. And your favourite? I love pancakes and Franzbrötchen, this is a typical pastry from Hamburg.   My friend Susi also likes it a lot, after music class my mum always get one for us, that’s  why we really like to go there. Your favorite book to read? I really love books! I very much like to read and to look at the pictures of “Where the wild things are” (by Maurice Sendak) my smaller brother already knows every page by heart. Have you got an imaginary friend? No, but I like to take care of snails, I am collecting them near the beach and then I am building houses for them.