TAKASHI IWASAKI, artist TAKASHIHow is your bed? I don't have a bed, but I have a huton (pronounced like "hoo-tong"). It's cozy. It's thin, flat, and you can fold it up. When I'm sleepy, my mom puts it open on the floor, and I sleep on it; and then when I wake up, my mom folds it up and puts it away in the closet. It's very Japanese. Which kind of meal you do not like? I don't like asparagus. I don't like wasabi either. I think I can eat them when I grow up. And your favourite? I love curry and ramen. Your favorite book to read? "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." I like the holes in the book. It's a funny book. I like "Everyone Poops," too. It's a funny book, too. I like funny books. Have you got an imaginary friend? Yes! Many friends. They look like people, but have wings and can fly. They live in villages in clouds in the sky. I sometimes visit them on balloons. They like shiny stuff, like sparkles.

Caption for the picture: Carrying a float with kids in town at a festival