I QUADERNINI DI MILANO, from November 26th to December 9th, 9am - 5pm, free entrance,  SPAZIO EX FORNACE, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 16, Milan.

How many things an old school notebook can tell you? Many! The notebooks, infact, can contain fragments of the lives of their young authors, and are important documents, not only to learn about the past and the history of education, but also to understand the psychology of the children who filled the pages. For the first time the cultural association Quaderni Aperti shows part of the collection that counts over 600 books dating from the the nineteenth century till today, from all over Italy, especially from Milan.
Some of the notebooks exhibited have been (almost) fully reproduced from the paper mill Arbos, others can be consulted digitally navigating among the 1000 images of the digital collection of Quaderni Aperti.  I quadernini di Milano is not just an exhibition: in the two weeks of exposure will be made readings, workshops for schools, meetings and also an "exhibition inside the exhibition". Consult the full program here

Photo Credit: Quaderni Aperti