During the 2015 United Nations Climate Summit in Paris the artist OLAFUR ELIASSON, in collaboration with the geologist Minik Rosing, has launched the public artwork Ice Watch at the Place du Panthéon. It aims to encourage public action against climate change at COP21. Let’s appreciate this unique opportunity – we, the world, can and must act now. Let’s transform climateknowledgeinto climate action. As an artist I hope my works touch people, which in turn can make something that may have previously seemed quite abstract more a reality. Art has the ability to change our perceptions and perspectives on the world, and Ice Watch makes the climate challenges we are facing tangible. I hope it will inspire shared commitment to taking climate
Olafur Eliasson said.

Ice Watch by Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing,
Photo: Martin Argyroglo
© 2015 Olafur Eliasson