Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America is an exhibition presenting the concept of playfulness in postwar American design as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. It will explore how employing playfulness allowed designers to bring fresh ideas to the American home, children’s toys and play spaces and corporate identities.
This exhibition opened on September 28, 2018, at the Milwaukee Art Museum, before traveling to the Denver Art Museum where it will be on view starting May 5, 2019.
Do not miss it!

Image 1: Charles Eames with the Solar Do-Nothing Machine, 1957.
Image 2: Ray Eames with the first prototype of The Toy, 1950.
Image 3: Herbert Bayer’s Kaleidoscreen installed in Aspen, Colorado, c. 1957.
Image 4: Charles and Ray Eames, Carton City built, 1951.
Image 5: Irving Harper for George Nelson Associates, Kaleidoscope clock, 1959.
Image 6: Henry P. Glass, Swing-Line Toy Chest, 1952. Manufactured by Fleetwood Furniture Company. Photograph by John R. Glembin.
Image 7: Isamu Noguchi, Study model for Play Sculpture, 1965-68.
Image 8: Charles Eames and Ray Eames. Hang-It-All Wall Rack, 1953. Produced by Tigrett Enterprises.