ALEX HOCHSTRASSER, designer How is your bed?
 I love my bed, it’s my castle and hiding place populated by a small and exclusive groupe of favourite plush animals. Which kind of meal you like? We often have lunch at my grandmothers place. I love her apple pancakes and spaetzle with cheese while I detest eating spinache and anything with onions. Your favorite book to read? We have two books about wildlife in the desert and one with underwater creatures which I spend hours browsing in. I remember many of the pictures but for a strange reason it is the smell of the books that resonates most strongly when I open the book again many years later. Have you got an imaginary friend? No, but each of my plush animals has a very strong personality and life of its own…


It's Bilibo by Moluk. Developed in collaboration with childhood development experts, Bilibo's unique form arouses curiosity, engages the imagination, and encourages creativity. Both boys and girls find unlimited ways to play with Bilibos – using them to rock in, spin in, hide under, sit on, tote with, and peek through. Bilibo provides hours of fun, indoors and out: at home, at the park, at the beach, in water, and even on snow

Design by  Alex Hochstrasser. S U P E R !