DEBORAH BEAU - kickcan and conkers

how is your bed? and your cradle when you were baby? I've no idea what kind of cot I had but I love my 1950's pale yellow and pink bed and bedside table in my room at my grandma's house.  I spend a lot of time at my gran's and she's made me a pretty prink floral bedspread to match the ottaman chest at the bottom of my bed.

which kind of meal you do not like? which is your favourite dish that your mom prepare to you? I'm very picky, I don't like meat at all, it takes too long to chew, but I do like jam sandwiches.

your favorite book to read? My favourites are the Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair stories and the Folk of The Farway Tree. I would love to travel to new lands every week and slip down the slippery slide.

have you got an imaginary friend? No, I don't have any imaginary friends but I have a very special dolly called Sally. She's only got one eye now, poor thing, but she's my best friend and I take her everywhere.