INHAE LEE, artist How is your bed? I refuse to sleep in my regular bed, and instead find myself dragging the mattress to the living room and sleeping in front of the TV so I can watch movies before going to bed. Which kind of meal you do not like?  The only kind of meal I hate are buffets. And your favourite?  I love fresh fish dishes. Your favorite book to read?  Any comic by Ito Junji. Have you got an imaginary friend? Not really, but I have a teddy bear named Bulgogie. I've had it since I was a child, and it's been a good friend.

My milk toof

My Milk Toof by Inhae Lee... impossible to miss! Let's introduce you Ickle and Lardee

Ickle is a smart and curious toof who loves to read books. Other interests include cutting coupons, nibbling on furniture, and David Bowie. Lardee is the loveable, slightly pudgy toof who can be found following ickle around the house. If in need of a toy, Lardee has a magical red bag with an endless supply.