ANNA LICATA, designer EPSON scanner imageHow is your bed? Huge enough to hold all my plush animals and me. Which kind of meal you do not like? mmm…I really don’t like liver. And your favourite? Ice-cream! When I grow up I’ll have an ice-cream shop and I’ll eat lots of ice-creams of any flavors… Your favorite book to read? Tales of Richard Scarry, I love gingerbread man. But I really love all books with images I can cut to build and invent anything I want... that’s amazing! Have you got an imaginary friend? No, not only one! All my animals, they’re so much! So much that they fill my bed at night. They’re all my children, and when it’s time to say good night they always ask me something and, of course, I reply to everyone… until my brother ask us to shut up because he’s trying to sleep!