ARIANNA SANGIOVANNI, Ville Villekulla curator How is your bed? Well in VillaVillakulla my bed is, of course, a special one where you sleep with the head at the end and the feet on the pillow! Which is your favourite food? Bloodstained meat, smelly chicken and slimy mushrooms! My favourite meal is apple tart: those enormous ones filled with big chunks of apple, lots of raisins and cinnamon…yummy! Which is your favourite book? I don’t remember the title but it is a big book full of black and white pictures with a boy and a girl explaining through drawings how to realise all sorts of things by using very common everyday stuff. Have you got an imaginary friend? My friends look all rather strange to me, but not imaginary! Nevertheless, my mum always remembers me that Mary Poppins says “never judge things from their appearance, even a carpet bag”! Therefore, my friends could all be imaginary ones! I do not care too much as far as they are fun!