ELOISE MORANDI, Nina and other little things

How is your bed? My bed is everywhere! I sleep under a tree, on a tree, or simply on a nice soft wallen tartan blanket. I love sleeping because you can dream. Which kind of meal you do not like? I hate to eat everything who had eyes..i hate meat, I don’t understand how the adults could kill animals and eat them. And your favourite? I love vegetables and cereals….I’m very fond of porridge with honey and fresh milk. My favourite meal is my mum’s special apple crumble and lemon cream…and I love to eat it in the garden and give some to my ginger cat. Your favorite book to read? I love to watch the illustrations of and all the books of Bruno Munari. I love Bruno Munari, when I grow up I want to invite him to drink a cup of tea and ginger biscuits. I also like “The art of looking sideways” by Alan Fletcher and “The Peanuts” by Charles Schulz. Have you got an imaginary friend? Nina and other little things are my immaginary “me”.