ENRICA, La fatina in cucina How is your bed? My bed is very high and very old, it has got a lot of blankets and my favourite one is a black patchwork one with a lot of smart colours, the most beautiful that I have ever seen! Which kind of meal you do not like? I like eating really everything, and my favourite flavour is the one of pumpkinbread, a special sweet bread, made with orange pumpkin, with a lot of white crystal sugar on the top, that my father brings to me coming back home. Your favorite book to read? “L’allegro Bob” – the happy Bob, it’s a small illustrated book  which tells the history of a funny yellow dog. I can read it at the library of my nursery. Have you got an imaginary friend? Yes I have, not only one! I have two groundhogs, very beautiful and funny, that stay with me all the time, also if often they are sleeping ‘couse they are very lazy! Moreover we are not alone, because my groundhogs have two special friends, two squirrels