GRETHE SIVERTSEN, designer Grethe184How is your bed? My bed is a place where I fall asleep quickly, there's a lion under it. He's always ready to take my legs, so I have to leap far out on the floor when I get out of bed. Which kind of meal you do not like? Marzipan and sweet cakes make me sick, uuugh! Favorite? My mother's meatballs, eating crab outdoors (especially the brown food in the shell, which looks terrible) and I love all food with lots of flavor... mmm Your favorite book to read? The Norwegian folk fairytales, which often have bad endings, like the pancake that was eaten by the pig... Have you got an imaginary friend? I have that lion under my bed, and a crocodile under the stairs. They haven't eaten me yet, but I wouldn't call them friends..