GWE, illustrator How is your bed? Blue and Red. Simply made of metal colored tubes. My parents bought it in Ikea. I love Ikea because I can play in the balls-pool while my parents are purchasing. Which kind of meal you do not like?  Liver! Teachers forced me to eat it at school, it was awful! I still hate that! And your favourite? Chocolate paste called Nutella! And Pastas with Ketchup! Your favorite book to read? “Anjelina the ballet dancer”. The story of a small mouse that become a famous ballet dancer. Since this book I danced during 18 years! I stopped dancing when I tried to be a professional, it was too hard. I choosed another artistic job: illustrator. I don’t regret it! Have you got an imaginary friend? Yes! I called her Mathilde. It was the fantasm of having a real best friend. I found her later in high school, her name is Veronique and she’s still my best friend!