SALLI SWINDELL, THEY DRAW AND COOKHow is your bed? Cozy.  I have my yellow bunny rabbit and raggedy ann and andy dolls and our black and white tabby cat in bed with me. I like the worn cotton feel of my pink and red quilt. Which kind of meal you do not like? I do NOT like meat of any kind. Yuk…I don’t like texture or the taste. And your favourite? I like potato chips because it means my older brother and sister are babysitting while our parents go out for the evening.  And I like red licorice which I find in the bowls left on the table after our parents bridge parties. Your favorite book to read? Dr. Seuss books!  Especially The Cat in the Hat. Have you got an imaginary friend? I don’t have an imaginary friend but all of my dolls and stuffed animals carry on very fun conversations with me all day long.  I build forts with sheets from my bed and we sit inside and tell stories.