JENNI HARLEY, Cloth and Thread baby jenniHow is your bed? My bed is safely under my sisters & her floral bedspread hangs down like theatre curtains over mine. I sleep tightly packed in amongst 9, 10 maybe 11 of my favourite toys. Which kind of meal you do not like? Why do you serve this eggplant/aubergine thing? There is only one thing to do, hide it in my lap, then throw it to birds or whoever wants it in the backyard after dinner! And your favourite? Oh Mummy your trifle is beautiful & so are you! Your favourite book to read? "Mary learns to Dance" 1974 by Gilbert Delahaye - Marcel Marlier. I lived in every page & loved the world Mr. Marlier imagined for it. Have you got an imaginary friend? This is my friend Lisa & she wears the most amazing dresses & shoes I can dream up for her. It was all about broderie anglaise & blue birds. She was my muse.