MARTIN PRICE, product designer

How is your bed? My bed is very simple and made from pine. It is a high bed with a small set of stairs at the end so I can climb up, underneath I have a little desk and a comfy seating area. My duvet cover is dark blue with stars on like the night sky. Which kind of meal you do not like? Anything with celery in, I don’t like celery!! And your favourite? I really like bananas,  and sometimes have them in a sandwich. Your favorite book to read? My favorite book is Bear goes to town: Bear has all sorts of strange adventures and is able to draw what he thinks... when running away from a baddie in a car he draws a banana skin to make the car skid! Have you got an imaginary friend? I don’t have an imaginary friend but I am friends with lots of animals in our garden, we have a beautiful pond which is home to lots of creatures. Their are big crested newts with colourful bellies and dragon fly larvae with hard spiky bodies. I love it when all the baby tadpoles grow little legs and turn into baby frogs and hop around the grass.